New edition to the Natsnewfies newfypoo household – Bob

Big welcome to Bob

Hi Everyone and thank you to all the newfypoo owners for all the kind comments over the Christmas and New year period. We are proud to announce the arrival of our hunky stud Bob. Bob is a large blue Kc registered standard poodle ( he is not actually blue, He’s black but thats what the poodle people call him ). Although he is young and a bit boisterous at times he has a brilliant temperament, he absolutely adores our three girls and our 3 year old nephew, who’s always here, and gets on fab with the other dogs and cats.

We found Bob when looking for a new stud for Maddie as Ted our previous stud went into retirement. we were scouring the internet trying to find the right one when up popped Bob, we couldn’t resist we went to visit him, fell in love and brought him straight home with us. He is still young with a bit of puppy stubbornness coming out now and again but he’s as soft as a brush and a pleasure to own, we are so glad we decided to have him and keep him as our own stud god sorry i mean dog 🙂


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