This is Wilson the newfypoo (AKA George) from last litter.

From paul Judd (wilson)sneezy

Hi Natalie,

Really nice to hear from you.

Wilson is simply amazing; just the most amazing, happy, laid-back, gentle dog I can ever imagine. He’s stopped growing now and weighs just under 45kg.

I just can’t imagine life without him, he is simply incredible. Everyone who meets him seems to fall in love with him (even non-dog people!). He trots along like he is in crufts; so proud of himself almost as if all the attention has gone to his head and he knows how special he is!

I’m applying for him to be a Pets as Therapy volunteer dog, which will involve him and I visiting hospitals, hospices etc for people to pat him. He’s temperament seems so suited to it and he loves the attention. Our assessment is a week on Friday so please keep your fingers crossed for us.

I’ve got hundreds and hundreds of photos as you can imagine, will pick some out and email them across to you very soon.

I’m in touch with Jacky who has Mumble (aka Katy Perry) from Wilson’s litter and have met up with them for a couple of walks as they live quite close. I’ll make sure I send a couple of photos of Wilson and Mumble together.


I’ll be checking the website for photos of the pups!

Best regards,

Paul & Wilson.

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