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Hi, welcome to Natsnewfies – Newfypoo’s and Newfoundlands

screen-shot-2016-09-28-at-01-46-23We are delighted to announce Maddie, our stunning KC registered Newfoundland, is now due to have her third and final litter of beautiful Newfypoo puppies on or around the 3rd of October this year, 2016. It will be a repeat litter of the magnificent litter she had in may 2015, the superheroes and princesses puppies. This litters naming theme is, as you’ve probably guessed by the music playing in the background and the image above, is music legends past and present. We have not decided which names/legends we are going to choose, but welcome all suggestions through our contact page.
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The last litter Maddie gave birth to, produced a fantastic bunch of cheeky, gorgeous Newfypoo puppies. Each one of the puppies has now happily settled into their new homes the length and breadth of the country, we have met some really wonderful people, who we are sure will provide the best forever, loving homes we possibly could have wished for.

Bob, the sire, is the Bob Marley of the poodle world, KC registered, pure muscle, gentle, laid-back complete with dreadlocks that cover his gorgeous eyes. Bob is a stunning specimen, gentle with a fantastic temperament and lives with us here at our house.

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Our (dry mouthed) Landseer Newfoundland Maddie has been raised with our 3 young children in the home and is a fantastic pet, she very gentle and loving, everyone who she meets wants to take her home. The pups will be raised in our family home, not in a kennel and will be well socialised P1120467with our three girls and our other pets, and will be used to the daily routine of a busy family home. Newfypoo’s are a cross between the Newfoundland and a Standard Poodle. They combine the best of both the Newfoundland and the Standard Poodle breeds. They are clever, no shed, dry mouth, have a great personality and a temperament that makes them the perfect pet.The infusion of the Poodle with the Newfoundland creates a dog with no drooling and no shedding. The energy of the poodle is tempered by the addition of the Newfoundland’s slower, more measured personality. If you’ve got other pets, or you have children, Newfypoo’s fit right in.

P1070864Children find these lovable little bear cubs make excellent pillows and grownups appreciate the calm and tolerant nature. You’ll never regret owning a Newfypoo.

Our previous litters were named after marvel/dc superheroes, Harry potter characters, the seven dwarfs and pop stars as our girls at the time were fans of both the films and the celebrities so you can imagine what our neighbours were thinking, listening to us over the fence cooing and shouting “come on hulky, spiderman, Harry, hagrid, Grumpy, Sneezy, lady Ga Ga “, etc . The girls are undecided at the moment on what names we are to give this next litter, but we are openly looking for suggestions. There are lots and lots of past newfypoo puppy images on the ‘Images page’.

Each of the new puppies will have it’s own page detailing it’s first few weeks with us before they join their new owners. When you click on the name of the puppy , you will be directed to that puppies very own page with video’s, lots of images, music and more. Each Page of this site has been designed and edited by Jodie  (our eldest (13), who has her own little Facebook business – Jodiesmoviememories, please take a look) with lots of input from Ellie (10) and Heather (9).

As this website was designed and maintained by our daughter Jodie (aged 13) we know she would appreciate any feedback or suggestions for future litters.

Thank you for taking the time to view our website.

Natalie x x


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