Earlier today we received a deposit for one of the expected female newfypoo puppies due the 5th february 2014, Hannah is absolutely delighted to secure pick of the females and we are looking forward to welcoming her on her first visit when the puppies are around 2 weeks of age, she will then be able to keep tabs on her darling puppy online as we add regular updates and images of her puppy as it grows…


  1. Tim Sargent January 26, 2014 at 5:49 pm #

    Were after a Newfie poo after loosing our last Bernese recently. we have had Nernese for over 20 years and can’t face getting another one after such a sad loss so fancy a change .we have read a lot avoit this breed and feel it would suit us. Could you please give me a call or email me with a few details please.
    We are after a male only, preferably brown or brown and white.
    Could you let me know how much the deposit is as well and location

    We are in Rugby, WarwickShire
    Many thanks


  2. natalie January 26, 2014 at 7:26 pm #

    Hi Tim really sad to hear of your loss, I understand that after a loss like that its a very difficult decision to get another puppy/dog. If it helps we have a couple of previous owners from our last litter from Belle who would be happy to maybe give you an insight into the nature and temperament of our puppies, let me know if you like me to give you their email address, as obviously we think they are a wonderful breed but we are biased so please fell free to ask other owners.

    We had brown newfypoo puppies with our older Newfy Belle a couple of years ago and this litter with Maddie is from the same sire so we are hoping for Blacks and Browns but cannot guarantee the colour until the birth.

    Please make sure you are 100% ready before you commit to leaving a deposit as it will be non refundable, can you let me know what other details you require from us.

    We are in located in Warrington Cheshire and the deposit will be £200.

    Please keep looking at our website as we will be updating it all the time.

    Thanks Natalie

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