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We started our love affair with newfoundlands around eight years ago when we were looking for a family pet dog that my eldest daughter pestered the life out of us for, but with the arrival of our second daughter we had to think long and carefully ¬†before deciding which breed to go with. After many hours research on the ¬†internet the breed that kept jumping out to us was the Newfoundland, mainly because of it’s gentle temperament and loving nature and it’s tendency to be protective towards it’s family. After lots of visits to various “reputable breeders” we decided to go for Belle, our first Newfy from one of the better ones we visited . We must say that at most of the places we looked we just walked away, as it seemed it was all about the money, not about the happiness of the dogs.belle 001

Belle our first Newfy was and has been the best dog ever, growing up with our children and giving us memories that will last forever and a love for this special breed which will always be in our heart. After about two years of having Belle we toyed with the idea of getting a companion for her, then we came across Yogi a massive 5 year old male with a massive heart that needed rescuing from where he had been held prisoner for god knows how long.The story of how we rescued him is a long one but after paying a small fortune to his prisoners we now had two Newfies. We also had a new baby, our third daughter. Yogi was a revelation, he was so clumsy around adults and his new ‘wife’ Belle we thought he was bonkers but as soon as he was in the company of the children he changed into a giant ballet dancer of a dog, tip-toeing around the baby, ever so gentle watching his step.It really was unbelievable.Sadly Yogi is no longer with us.¬†pups 038

How it all started with Newfypoo’s. We have a relative who really wanted a pup from belle for their children but one of the children had an allergy and found whenever near a dog they came out in a rash, we had another friend who owned a poodle cross so we borrowed the dog for a day and introduced the child to it to see if the rash flared up. After an hour of playing with the dog there were no signs of a rash. We decided to breed belle with a giant/standard poodle. Enter TEDDY, the Bob Marley of the poodle world, pure muscle, gentle, laid-back complete with dreadlocks that covered his gorgeous eyes. He produced perfect, healthy puppies that have all found homes and have become the benchmark for us.

We now have Maddie,IMG_1865 a 2 year old landseer who is our second full pedigree female and she has reinforced our love for this wonderful breed. She is now in pup from Teddy and is due to give birth to a litter of newfypoos on or around the 5th of february 2014.

[ update ] all pups from this litter have now been sold we sometimes have newfypoo puppies for sale,please contact us for more info or to go on the list of future owners.




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