Welcome to natsnewfies,

This site was originally created by our daughter Jodie to share with you our love for Newfypoo puppies. When we had our first litter we thought it would be fun to share lots of photos and video’s of the pups first eight weeks with us and would be great for the new owners to keep tabs on their little bundle’s of fluff, while we prepared them for their new homes

Maddie, our (dry mouthed) Landseer Newfy has been raised with our 3 young children in the home and is a fantastic pet. She very gentle and loving, everyone who she meets wants to take her home. Her pups will be raised in our family home, not in a kennel and will be well socialised with our three girls and our other pets, and will be used to the daily routine of a busy family home.


Newfypoo’s are a cross between the Newfoundland and a Standard Poodle. They combine the best of both the Newfoundland and the Standard Poodle breeds. They are clever, no shed, dry mouth, have a great personality and a temperament that makes them the perfect pet. The infusion of the Poodle with the Newfoundland creates a dog with no drooling and no shedding. The energy of the poodle is tempered by the addition of the Newfoundland’s slower, more measured personality. If you’ve got other pets, or you have children, Newfypoo’s fit right in.

Children find these lovable little bear cubs make excellent pillows and grownups appreciate the calm and tolerant nature. You’ll never regret owning a Newfypoo. We know from experience that these gentle little bear cubs will be sought after, therefore we are now taking enquiries for people who would like to go on the potential new owners list.

There will always be a page on the website devoted to each puppy, from the day they are born, on the website with a regular blog and images/videos uploaded, documenting their first eight weeks or so with us and our family and so you can keep tabs on your puppy until it’s ready for it new forever loving home.


Jodie is currently giving the full site a security overhaul  so lots of past pages and posts are not showing at the moment. Please be patient she will no doubt have it working brilliantly again soon.

Natalie x x

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